"The Smart Way to Convert your Toilet to a Bidet"

Bidanco introduces Bidanit, the Easy, Affordable, and Simple solution to add a bidet to your current toilet. The Bidanit is a modern hygienic solution to our outdated bathroom customs.

  • Bidanit is a high quality personal hygiene product
  • Bidanit is easy to install and can be fixed to any toilet, without the need for replacing the existing seat or changing the toilet - Do-It-Yourself, does not require a plumber
  • Bidanit is Economical & Affordable - Save money on toilet paper
  • Bidanit is septic friendly and lowers the chance of clogging the toilet with excessive toilet paper
  • Clean & Green! Bidanit is environmentally friendly
  • Bidanit Leaves you with a fresh and clean feeling - “Once you try it, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it!”
  • Bidanit is Doctor Recommended - Helps prevent many diseases and relieves discomfort from many illnesses such as constipation and diarrhea.

Install in Four Easy Steps!

  1. Shut off water valve that supplies water to the toilet tank and disconnect existing supply hose from tank, connect T-Adaptor to tank fitting. Hand tighten.
  2. Connect existing supply hose to bottom fitting of T-Adaptor. Connect bidet hose to side fitting of T-Adaptor. Hand tighten.
  3. Loosen both toilet-seat nuts from under toilet-bowl. Slide bidet unit under seat. Align unit to toilet fixture. Tighten nuts to secure seat and bidet to the toilet fixture.
  4. Ensure that bidet control is set on “Off” position. Turn on water supply from valve. See operation instructions on following page for use.
Installation Diagram
Detailed graphical step-by-step instructions and installation tips are provided inside the package to get you up and running easily!